• Do you worry about the state of our world but don’t know what to do about it?

  • Would you like to ignite your inner-strength and resilience to face these challenges and discover how you can best respond?


Come and explore these challenges together, in this workshop, based on Joanna Macy’s the Work that Reconnects. There will be space to share both our gratitude and concerns and pain for the world. Through this process, we can discover new perspectives, resources and purpose that help us effectively respond to what we’re facing.

In my therapy practice, a worry I often hear is that if we let in the pain we feel then it will never stop and we won’t be able to function. We have learnt as a culture to see our pain as a personal failing or weakness and seek to avoid it. Or if we do feel it, we often don’t have the support and framework to be able to be with our feelings without succumbing to paralysis or burnout.

We need to know that this pain is actually a sane response to a deeply troubled world and that when we share and hear from each other we can learn to be strengthened rather than scared by it.

The Work that Reconnects offers a series of experiential, transformative practices, which can help us to fully face the enormity of the ecological and social crisis we are in. It gives us an experience of coming together in solidarity as a community; helping to grow our courage, resilience and fierce compassion for our world. This can empower and inspire us to take new action for change.

The workshop is facilitated by Dr Nickee Stopler; a counselling psychologist, ecopsychologist, activist, and facilitator trained in The Work That Reconnects. Nickee has 20 years experience working with experiential group practices for personal and social transformation and has a private psychology practice. She is also mum to two young boys and is involved in activism in various forms.


Upcoming Events

Sunday 26th January – One-day workshop.

Time – 10am until 5pm (9.30am for teas & coffees)

Location – Saffron Walden


Thursday 19th March – FREE evening talk on ‘Eco-Anxiety’

(part of Saffron Walden Action on Climate Change (SWACC) Changing Conversations programme.)

Time – 7pm – 9pm

Location – Bicicletta Café, Saffron Walden


Workshops are open and welcoming to all. As such, it is offered in the gift economy with each participant paying what they can afford.


To book your place on a workshop, arrange for a workshop within your local community or for more information please contact me.

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(Active Hope is taken from the book ‘Active Hope – How to face the mess we’re in without going crazy’ by C. Johnstone & J. Macy)